A shares open to speed up foreign employees can participate in equity incentives

A shares open to speed up foreign employees can participate in equity incentives

Moderator Bao Xing’an: At present, the policy of opening financial markets is intensive.

Foreigners are allowed to buy A shares, foreign employees of listed companies are allowed to participate in equity incentives, and the capital market has continued to expand; QFII and RQFII investment scopes have been increased and expanded; Shanghai-London Connect has launched a countdown.

We believe that the opening up of financial markets will remain the key word in 2019.

  ■ Reporter Su Shiyu actively supports the implementation of equity incentive policies for foreign employees of internally listed companies. Recently, the People’s Bank of China and the State Administration of Foreign Exchange jointly issued a notice to clarify the management of funds involved in the distribution of incentives for foreign employees of companies listed on the local stock exchangein principle.

  In fact, as early as last year, regulators issued documents intensively to allow foreigners to buy and sell A shares.

On August 15 last year, the China Securities Regulatory Commission issued a document further deregulating the authority of foreigners who meet the requirements to open A-share securities accounts.

On the same day, with the approval of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, China Clearing issued a document stating that two types of foreigners can open A-share securities accounts. One is foreign personnel working in China; the other is foreign employees participating in distribution incentives and working overseas in domestic listed companies.
  Shang Zhenyu, managing director and chief research officer of China Post Securities, said in an interview with the Securities Daily reporter yesterday that allowing foreigners to participate in A-share transactions is a reflection of the opening up of the financial market and fulfilling the WTO ‘s financial commitmentImportant progress.

Foreign employees participate in fair incentives, so that foreign employees can also share the dividends of the development of listed companies. It is an effective incentive mechanism, and it also increases the attractiveness of listed companies to foreign institutions, which is conducive to the international development of listed companies.Can form a strong external signal display effect.

  CITIC’s reform and development research foundation expert Zhao Yazheng told the Securities Daily reporter yesterday that the current intensive implementation of the financial market liberalization policy and the reorganization triggered 青岛夜网 are based on the consideration of increasing the opening up of the internal capital market, so as to increase the number of foreign talentEnterprise loyalty can bring in foreign talents.

The participation of foreign employees in fair incentives is conducive to the introduction and retention of foreign talents by listed companies and enhances the internationalization of the company.

As the current laws and regulations on the income of foreign employees are difficult to make major changes, the announcement and implementation of the above notices are of special significance.

  Looking forward to the future, Zhao Yazheng said that this year, market access will be relaxed, investors will be expanded, risk hedging tools will be enriched, investment channels will be broadened, and the capital market will be further opened to the outside world.

  According to Shang Zhenyu, in order to further open up to the outside world, from the types of foreign investor participation, QFII quotas, the proportion of foreign equity financial institutions, the scope of services of foreign exchange institutions, and cooperation with overseas financial regulatory agencies, all can make a difference.