“Xiang Chen asked me to arrest someone,I just stopped by,Don’t think about it!”

Fortunately, the lighting in the venue is not bad,Make Han Yuxiang confident that his face will not be easily noticed。
“We are not thinking,If you don’t come with Xiang Chen,We can think about it!”
Xiang Yang jumped off Xiang Chen,Hanyu Xiang,It’s like being afraid that Korean Xiang will run away because of shyness。
“Xiangyang, you are so beautiful today,What do you want to eat,I treat!”
Han Yuxiang does not want to entangle on the topic that he and Xiang Chen appear together,Change the subject quickly,Even if my wallet is dry,Better than being teased by Xiangyang here,Only at the end I looked at the four men who were dressed like the groom,Leave a sentence heavy“Without these men!”
“Sister Yu Xiang,Our instructor treats you today,I can’t be with you anymore,But my first time on stage,You can all come,I’m really happy!”
Xiangyang smiled happily,If you can,She also wants to bring her grandfather over,Just considering their special status,Xiangyang gave up this idea。
“In Wanghai, you just our family,How could you miss your performance because of other things?!”
Yao Yao said with a smile,At the same time, he took a deep look at Xiang Chen,Those eyes seemed to say to Xiang Chen,There is no way to remedy some mistakes!
Xiang Chen lowered his head,Yao Yaozha can get revenge against Chen for anything.,Only today,Xiang Chen responded with silence。
“Where is your instructor giving you a celebration banquet,Let’s go ahead。”
I saw Xiang Chen’s embarrassment,Korean Xiang smiled playfully,And then made a sentence for him。
“Yep,Where to eat,We go early,How can we escort this kind of occasion?!”
Han Yuxiang’s proposal won Han Genji’s response,When I was in the audience just now,He saw a few beautiful girls,How could he miss such a social occasion?
“At home!”
Determined where the next venue is,Xiang Yang also went to meet Xiao Xiaoxiao and the others,Only left one place name,The rest is waiting to meet Xiang Chen and the others by chance,After all, I don’t seem to have much money to be a teacher,Save a little for your teacher!Thinking of Xu Guoquan’s sentence“Don’t worry about failing。”Xiangyang couldn’t help being happy,Almost as happy as when I saw Xiang Chen on stage!