[How long does the casserole stew chicken]_casserole stew chicken_stew time_how to stew

[How long does the casserole stew chicken]_casserole stew chicken_stew time_how to stew

This method of casserole stewed chicken is a kind of food made by many people, mainly because the chicken stewed from the casserole is relatively sweet and suitable for appetizing, but it usually takes 2 hours for the casserole to fully taste.

Casserole stewed chicken contains high levels of protein and trace elements, which are suitable for our body during the recovery period. Moreover, the method of casserole stewed chicken is very simple. You can learn how to introduce the article.

1. How long does the casserole stew the whole chicken? From the perspective of the chicken soup, the longer the time in the case of excessive moisture, the more nutrients will be precipitated from the chicken. If the chicken soup is added with jujube, wolfberry, etc.The nutrient substances will be fully integrated together, naturally as long as possible, usually at home for 2 hours.

2, casserole stew whole chicken Ingredients: 1000 grams of hens Auxiliary materials: 100 grams of mushrooms, 50 grams of shiitake mushrooms (fresh), 35 grams of Chinese cabbage (green mouth) Seasoning: 8 grams of salt, 2 grams of MSG, 15 grams of cooking wine,Ginger 10g production method: chicken slaughtered, shed hair, washed off the internal organs; chicken and cut along the spine, chopped into 5 cm square pieces, put a little hot in a boiling water pot, washed with water for later use; shiitake mushrooms, chickenPut the noodles, mushrooms, and ginger slices into the pot, and pour in the water (to the extent that the chicken nuggets are spread); simmer for an hour and a half until the chicken is rancid, add green leafy vegetables and cook briefly.

3. Cautions for casserole stewed chicken 3.

1. Food with grams of roosters: Avoid eating with pheasants, turtles, carps, catfish, shrimp and onions and garlic.


2. Applicable people A small amount of food for the general population, the elderly, patients, frail people are more suitable to eat.

People who have a cold, fever, high internal fire, heavy phlegm, obesity, complications of fever, bloatedness, high blood pressure, high blood lipids, cholecystitis, cholelithiasis are not eaten; chickens are warm, help fire,Liver yang and oral erosion, skin bloated, constipation should not be eaten; patients with arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease and hyperlipidemia should not drink chicken soup; colds accompanied by headache, fatigue, fever people do not eat chicken, chicken soup.

The advantages of using a casserole stew chicken can keep the food and soup in the pot continuously in a slightly boiling state. Because the fire is small and the time is long, the meat can be rotten and the soup is delicious and distinctive.

Therefore, casserole stewed fish is king.

The casserole does not contain any elements harmful to the human body. Frying and stewing does not have any qualitative changes to the food. Coupled with a reasonable diet and scientific food preparation, it can naturally achieve freedom from disease, increase life, sealability and temperature, and is easy to tasteWell the inner circulation is better, soup, ravioli and stew.

For example, meat tends to rotten a little, and tofu is easy to taste.

As a result, the speed of heat is slow. Some soups do not need to be hot or even warm, and the effect of the casserole is much better than other pots.

The casserole has good heat insulation ability, which can fully concentrate the micron level into the pot, so that the soup is more fully heated. Use a steady fire and a low fire, so that the continuous micro boiling, the contents are easy to cook out of the soup and taste.

Its thermal coefficient is poor, so it won’t mash the pot.

The casserole is best at stewing, simmering, simmering, simmering, cooking and other cooking methods. It is characterized by fresh soup, original flavor and rich flavor.

Chicken soup, especially the old hen soup, has always been famous for its deliciousness, and the effect of “tonicity” is also known.

Chicken soup can also relieve the symptoms of colds and improve the body’s immune function.