[Is pumpkin a staple food?

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[Is pumpkin a staple food?
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When it comes to pumpkin, I believe everyone will think of many popular foods, such as pumpkin porridge, pumpkin cake, pumpkin soup, etc. These foods are very popular, they taste very good, and the nutritional value of pumpkin is very high.People who are losing weight often don’t know what to eat. In the process, they can eat pumpkins with confidence. Can they eat pumpkins as a staple food?

Is pumpkin a staple food?
Pumpkin can be used as a staple food. Any starch-added food can actually be used as a staple food, so there are many choices, such as all cereals, rice, wheat flour pasta, noodles, coarse grains, oats, buckwheat, barley, etc.There are potato foods, such as sweet potatoes, purple potatoes, yam, potatoes, taro, etc. These foods can be used as staple food.

If it is a staple food, it is best to use a lighter cooking method. Because the starch is fried to absorb the fat and decompose, it is not conducive to cooking with a large amount of oil. It is best to use boiling, steaming, baking, etc. for lighter cooking.Methods to deal with, avoid excessive oil intake.

However, it should be noted that staple foods should not be used in place of excessive amounts. The dietary guidelines for Chinese residents mention that the daily staple food intake should be controlled at 400?
650g, the average staple in a meal is 150?
200g, the reduction is about a bowl of rice, a sweet potato, a corn.

Many friends like to eat a bowl of rice and then add another bowl of rice until the food is eaten, but in fact, this method is very easy to make the staple food super, instead of excess starch.

Starch will eventually be converted to glucose, and excessive glucose supplementation may be converted into trace amounts. In addition, excessive glucose may increase the burden of trace islands in a short period of time. In the long term, it may stimulate islets and damage islet cells, thereby reducing sensitivity and inducingdiabetes.

At present, rice and wheat flour are all finely processed. Among them, a large amount of wheat bran grains are lost, dietary fiber content is increased, and blood sugar is more likely to increase after a meal. Therefore, everyone is encouraged to add more coarse grains and miscellaneous beans to rice and increase the input fiber.Absorption, or replace some fine staple foods with yam food.