But this is not a long-term solution,The capital can’t be chaotic。So after fighting for a while, the nature changed after both sides suffered injuries。

Just after a fight at the door of Zhang’s house,Two families“farce”It’s over。
Linglong and others drove Qin Feng to Liang’s house,Which is where the family of the big chiefs is。of course,It must be different from the official office。
What surprised Qin Feng,When they arrived at the door,The chief executive actually met him personally。
“Worked hard!”
“Big head,I don’t eat this set。Don’t want to buy people’s hearts!”Qin Feng smiled and joked,In fact he was really moved。
The head chief smiled and didn’t respond,Just greet the people to arrange a place to stay for Qin Feng and others,Said it was for them to take a good rest,I’ll talk about other things tomorrow。
Qin Feng couldn’t ask,Can only do this。But this night is considered the most reliable sleep for Qin Feng in a month。Because the place arranged by the chief executive is basically like a hotel。
Something different from the facilities in the yard under house arrest。
The next day until the sun shines through the window,Qin Feng reluctantly left the bed。
When he walks out the door,I found that Chu Xiao was waiting in the corridor。
“Yo,Leader Chu Xiao is here waiting for me?”
Chu Xiao smiled,“of course,In order to answer the matter of this month。Except me,I’m afraid no one will do it。After all you are a big trouble。
You may not know,If it wasn’t because you were caught,May evolve to the end,The Liang family has won。”