[Seven seven dishes are not suitable for people to eat]_ local people _ unwell people

[Seven seven dishes are not suitable for people to eat]_ local people _ unwell people

In daily life, we all know that food has the function of adding each other, and some vegetables are not allowed to be eaten when we are unwell. For example, vegetables such as seven or seven vegetables. For patients with kidney disease, if you eat seven or seven vegetables, it will worsen.The condition, but for people with high blood pressure, it helps lower blood pressure.

Regarding the seven or seven dishes are not suitable for some people, I suggest that everyone can come to understand the introduction of seven or seven dishes in this article, so that we can better understand the seven or seven dishes.

“Seven seven dishes”, scientific name “small thistle”.

Farmers called “Seven Qi Cai”, also called “Qi Lou Cai”, “Seven Wild Vegetables”.

Alias “Wild safflower, small spiny cap, spiny spinach”.

For Compositae, perennial herb, high 25?
50 cm, with creeping rhizomes.

The stem is erect, with longitudinal grooves, and the young stem is covered with white spider-like hairs.

Seven or seven dishes contain locustine, rutin compounds, protocatechuic acid, caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid, alkaloids, and bacteriostatic agents.

Cool, sweet and bitter.

It has the functions of cooling blood to stop bleeding, removing stasis and swelling.

It is used for bleed blood, vomiting blood, urinary blood, blood in the stool, blood from avalanche, bleeding from trauma, and edema.

1. Improve heart function. Eating more seven or seven dishes usually can contribute to its obvious strong heart. It can improve human heart function, it can nourish myocardium, prevent cardiovascular disease, and increase myocardial contractility.Myocardial infarction and cardiac dysfunction that often occur in humans have a good preventive effect.

2. Regulating blood pressure Qiqicai has a two-way regulating effect on human blood pressure. It not only strengthens the heart but also improves blood vessel elasticity and clears blood plasma. In addition, Qiqicai is rich in natural alkaloids which can promote adrenal hormones.Secreted, this substance is an important existence to maintain the stability of human blood pressure, so people may eat some seven or seven dishes whether they have high blood pressure or high blood pressure and low blood pressure, and it makes people’s blood pressure return to normal.

3. Anti-mutation and anti-cancer. Drinking water with seven or seven vegetables usually can make the body use the nutritional ingredients and medicinal ingredients and all of them, which can improve the body’s immunity and also increase the body’s anti-mutation ability. It can preventThe cancer virus spreads in the human body and prevents the cells from becoming cancerous. That is to say, drinking more water with seven or seven vegetables can not only prevent genetic mutations, but also prevent cancer.

4, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory people know that the number of viruses and germs inside the body will increase after the increase of many diseases, and seven or seven dishes have a variety of natural antiviral and antibacterial ingredients, usually people use it to boil water to drink, it can sterilizeThe antiviral effect is better exerted, it can reduce the harm of these harmful substances to the human body, and it is of great benefit to improve human health.