[A lifetime away from liver cancer, diet taboo is the key!

[A lifetime away from liver cancer, diet taboo is the key!

Liver cancer is one of the most harmful cancers to human health. Most patients with liver cancer will die within one year after the illness.

According to the World Health Organization, a total of 430,000 new cases of liver cancer occur each year, and three-quarters of these cases occur in Southeast Asia (including China, North Korea and Japan).

Preventing liver cancer from eating four and not eating liver cancer is related to bad eating habits, leading experts to propose the principle of eating four and eating four.

“Four eats” to prevent liver cancer 1. The protective effect of eating carrots, oranges, vegetables and fruits on the liver is caused by the interaction among vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Green leafy vegetables, carrots, potatoes and citrus fruits are the most preventative.

Dr. Dong Jing suggested that you should eat five or more vegetables and fruits every day, including a glass of fruit juice in the morning, one piece of fruit in the morning and one afternoon, and two or more vegetables in the meal, so that the total intake is about 400-800Grams, can reduce your risk of liver cancer by 20%.