[Leek fried crab]_Leek_Production method_Methods Daquan

[Leek fried crab]_Leek_Production method_Methods Daquan

The leek has a high nutritional value, and the taste is quite good. First of all, the leek promotes promotion and absorption, and the taste is very delicious. Generally, leek is suitable for fried crabs or some seafood, which can achieve the effect of increasing flavor and weight.The crabs fried with leeks can alleviate the greasiness, and at the same time can remove the fishy smell. What is the specific production method, which is of concern to many people.

Growth and effect: Fried crab ingredients for osteoporosis recipe: 500 grams of male crabs, 150 grams of dried onions, 25 grams of ginger, 5 grams of garlic, 15 grams of cooking wine, 10 grams of light soy sauce, 10 grams of wet starch, 3 grams of white sugar,2 grams of sesame oil, 750 grams of lard (75 grams consumed), 5 grams of table salt, 4 grams of obscurant, and 0 pepper.

5 grams.

How to fry crabs After the crabs are slaughtered, lower the bezel with the abdomen facing up, use a knife to chop the midline of the navel, remove the crab cover, scrape off the gills, wash, and then chop off the chelation, and cut into two sections.Slap the crust with a knife.

Cut the crab body into two pieces and set aside.

Heat the pan, add lard, and use the fire to boil (about 1’70?
C), put the dried shallots, after frying, remove the shallots, filter the oil, leave the base oil in the wok, set on fire, stir-fry the ginger, garlic and fried shallots, wait for the flavor, Stir in crab pieces, add cooking wine in order, add soup, salt, sugar, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, etc., cover slightly and cook until the water in the pot will dry, add lard (10 grams), sesame oil, pepperWait for stir fry and thicken with wet starch to serve.

Fried Crab Usage: Eat.

Indications: musculoskeletal pain, osteoporosis in the elderly.

Tips: Crabs and pears cannot be eaten together: both are eaten together, hurting the stomach, crabs and muskmelons cannot be eaten together: easy to cause diarrhea. How to buy river crabs CrabsThe waters are divided into river crabs, lake crabs and river crabs.

Among them, the hairy crabs produced by Yangcheng Lake in Jiangsu Province are the most famous. They weigh more than 250 grams, have green back and white belly, golden claws and yellow hair, tender and tender crab meat, rich yellow crab, rich crab oil, and delicious.