Like a light,“Swordfish”GT-RAcross the end in an instant。

“How many?”
“Yes indeed,How many?How many?Did the results come out??”
“Did you run in8Minute?”
“Out,Out,”David standing in front of the timer·Lebson rubbed his eyes twice.,After making sure that I read it right,,Speak loudly:“8Minute12second756!8Minute12second756!”
“How many?!”
Hear the exact score clearly,Everyone exploded in an instant!
This is not only the best result created by an American brand sports car at the Nürburgring.,It also means that so far,There is no mass production、Sports cars sold for the civilian market can achieve such results,The famous Ferrari288GTONo way,The famous PorscheCarreraNot good,As forBM 535CSL,I don’t even have the qualifications to eat ashes behind。
But this is not the point,The point is,AMCThe test drivers are not really top racers,Just one who has participated in Indy500Match、And retired for many years40It’s just a multi-year old driver,Whether it is physical fitness、Both the reaction speed and the level of competition cannot be compared with today’s top professional racers。
An Indian who retired for many years500Riders can achieve such results,If the car is handed over to a top driving skill、Familiar enough with the track and vehiclesF1Rider,At least I can mention another grade10Seconds?Doesn’t that mean……
Think of this layer,John·Lebson’s mouth was trembling:“boss,We really have a chance to create a miracle here,our‘Swordfish’Very likely to run in8minute……”
John·Lebson’s words are out,Originally still immersed in8Minute12second756Everyone in this grade,All of a sudden stunned:Ours“Swordfish”GT-RCan run on the Nürburgring8minute?!
Run into8minute?!