Don’t eat five kinds of poisonous vegetables in the spring.

Don’t eat five kinds of poisonous vegetables in the spring.

When buying vegetables in the Spring Festival, be careful when choosing the above. Especially, some vegetables need to be properly processed before they can be eaten, so as not to be late with poisonous vegetables.

Then, these vegetables are most likely to be poisonous. Should you be more careful?

  1, broad bean broad bean red blood cell lack of 6-phosphate glucose deoxygenase after eating broad beans will get hemolytic jaundice, also known as broad bean disease.

This disease is mostly hereditary. Therefore, people with a family history should go to the hospital for examination and avoid eating broad beans.

  2, blue-purple seaweed blue-purple seaweed if it is blue-purple after water, it indicates that it has been contaminated by toxic substances when growing in the sea.

These toxins are also not detoxified and are not edible.

  3, green beans and kidney beans green beans and kidney beans Their toxic components are mainly saponins and trypsin inhibitors.

When frying, you should first cook it, then remove it, add seasoning and seasoning, and transform it into detoxification.

  4, colchicine contained in fresh daylily after oxidation into the human body will produce toxic substances, which will cause similar acute gastrointestinal symptoms after eating, which is easily misdiagnosed.

The dried daylily is fully soaked in water during processing, and most of the colchicine has been dissolved, so it is generally not poisoned.

  5, fresh fungus fresh fungus contains a kind of nitric acid light-sensitive substance, it is sensitive to light, after sun exposure, it causes sun dermatitis, and some severe cases will have difficulty breathing due to throat edema.

Therefore, it is not edible.

  Warm reminder: In addition to the above vegetables, ginkgo, almonds, cassava and other foods are also a certain toxicity, do not eat too much.