Sperm deformity rate is high, what are the three diets to improve sperm quality?

Sperm deformity rate is high, what are the three diets to improve sperm quality?

Some friends found that they had a high rate of sperm deformity during the examination, but they did not know how to adjust in such a situation, especially in terms of diet conditioning, what is the rate of men’s sperm deformity?

After understanding, we found that there are three kinds of therapeutic treatments that can help improve sperm therapy. Then, let’s take a look at what the high rate of sperm deformity is.

The first three therapeutic diets to improve the quality of sperm First, the sea cucumber glutinous rice porridge is prepared with the appropriate amount of sea cucumber and glutinous rice, first soak the sea cucumber, then cut open clean, cut into pieces and boil it, then add glutinous rice to cook in itIt can be taken with porridge and some condiments. The practice of sea cucumber glutinous rice porridge is very simple, and you can also use it as a staple food. So, many friends who want to solve the problem of sperm deformity through diet therapy will choose.Eat this porridge.

Second, the homemade Wuwei Pills are prepared with hazelnuts, dodder seeds, Schisandra, raspberry and psyllium, and then pulverized into fine powders, which are evenly mixed by sieve, and then in each 100g of powder.Add 35 grams to 50 grams of refined honey, then add the right amount of water, after drying, put in the water pill, the taste of this honey pill is a bit sweet, sour, and also has a little bitter taste, if it is sperm deformityIf the rate is high, this pill can achieve a good spermicidal effect.

Third, the male duck Cordyceps soup prepares an old drake, Cordyceps sinensis, scorpion, nerves, salt, onion and MSG and other materials and ingredients, then kill the male duck first, remove the internal organs clean and lick into pieces,Add a certain amount of water together with other ingredients to cook and boil, then add salt and MSG to taste. It works well in treating less sperm and sperm deformity.

The above is the answer to the question “What is the high rate of sperm deformity?” If you check that you have such a situation, you can try to help yourself solve the problem through food supplement. If the effect of food supplement is not good, you must remember to be active.The hospital helps itself with treatment in the right way.