No thirsty drinking water, is this all the same?

No thirsty drinking water, is this all the same?

In the life, the elderly like Yu Daye are not uncommon. They will brush their teeth and become a patent for teeth. Without teeth, brushing their teeth will become a superfluous move.

In fact, brushing your teeth always keeps the teeth clean, prevents teeth, and has a health effect on the entire mouth and even adjacent organs.

  For example, there are hundreds of millions of bacteria in the mouth of a person, and the oral bacteria is reduced by 15%.
25%, while brushing one tooth can reduce sterilization by about 70%.

Bacteria have been greatly reduced, and oral health has been guaranteed first.

More valuable is that Japanese doctors have found that brushing can prevent sneak attacks on senile pneumonia. The mystery lies in the toothbrush stimulating gums and alveolar when brushing teeth, causing excitatory central nervous system, enhancing swallowing reflex and cough reflex function, preventing foreign bodies in the mouth.Aspiration pneumonia is induced by inhalation into the respiratory tract.

It can be seen that even the elderly have lost their teeth, and they should stick to the good habit of brushing their teeth.

  In fact, not only brushing your teeth, but similar health habits and behaviors can’t be thrown away. This is a big secret for the health of the elderly. You must know.

  If you are not thirsty, you should drink water and thirst to drink water.

Not thirsty?

Also drink water regularly.

Medical research has proven that the role of water in the maintenance of life-threatening activities and the prevention of disease treatment is no less than the nutritional factors such as protein. The lack of drinking water makes many people’s neuromuscular state poor, liver and kidney function is reduced, toxicitySubstance is becoming a hotbed of disease.

Especially for the elderly, the feeling of thirst becomes dull. When the thirst is present, the lack of water in the body is quite serious. At this time, it is inevitable that the hydration will have the regret of “reinforcing the sheep”, and the body’s complete loss cannot be compensated.

  In order to avoid losses, it is expected to replenish water before the thirst is generated. This is the concept of active drinking, especially in cold seasons such as winter and spring.

In general, the basic water requirement for adults is about 1000 per day?
1500 ml, in the case of normal meal, you need to drink another 1000 ml to meet the normal needs of human metabolism.

One day, get up in the morning, 10 am, 4 pm, before going to sleep at night is a good time to drink water, drinking water is 1 cup (about 200 ml) each time.

  If you don’t have a body, you should wear a bra. Once you enter the old age, your body’s curve will often disappear. Your attention will gradually begin to lean toward your health. You only want to be sick and dying. What is beautiful is already placed behind your head.The bra will also be “scheduled” in a logical way.

  However, Japanese women who are with us are “unique”, from the beginning of puberty to the death of the world, and the bra is “not to leave.”

It turns out that Japanese women have followed the advice of doctors. Dai Wen’s chest is not only for beauty, but also for health.

From a medical point of view, older women, especially women who have received children, often suffer from muscle relaxation, leading to leaning forward, causing hunchbacks, and the boots compressing the lungs, causing poor breathing or even panting.

At the same time, the breasts are too drooping, which will cause the chest to descend, causing the stomach to sag, compressing the tandem, affecting the appetite of the three meals.

Having said that, should you consider letting the bra “re-employment”?

  Asexual life also needs to wash the lower body before men wash their lower body, is to protect the health of the woman’s reproductive tract.

When people reach old age, too many men’s sexual affairs are also “retired”, and they have forgotten this matter intentionally or unintentionally.

In the process, the doctor reminded the elderly man that the body wash and the self-protection function, so that the beginning and the end.

  The male genitalia, especially the foreskin, has a strong secretion of sebaceous glands. If it is not cleaned frequently, the overlapping secretions will accumulate in the foreskin, forming smegma like tofu slag, causing dermatitis to be second. If it causes urinary tract infection or even penile cancer,That is the big thing about life.

Therefore, it is often cleaned to maintain the hygiene of the external genitalia. Once active treatment of dermatitis occurs, it is also a non-negligible problem for the elderly.

  No hair, but also a hair, a blue silk hair, naturally can not be separated from the comb, but the hair is re-aging and gradually become rare or even become a light head, still need to comb?

The answer is also yes.

Because the purpose of the elderly combing hair is not only in beauty, but also contains important health meanings.

  First of all, combing hair is a good way to protect your hair.

Repeated combing can produce bioelectrical induction, stimulate the scalp peripheral nerves and capillaries, promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, thereby eliminating hair loss and promoting new hair.

At the same time, combing hair is also a good way to promote brain movement, and can receive the unexpected effect of brain and tranquility.

In addition, by combing the hair and stimulating the scalp, the tight nerves can be relaxed, and the nervous and fractured blood vessels can be restored to relaxation. Therefore, the vascular nerve headache, migraine, neurasthenia and other complications have certain curative effects.

  How to comb your hair?

Old people with thin hair or no hair can use their fingers instead of comb combing, and slowly comb the hair from the front to the back, while combing and rubbing the scalp.

Generally, it is combed 3 times a day. After getting up early, before the lunch break, each time before going to sleep, each time 10 to 30 minutes, the force is moderate, so that the scalp appears hot, bulging, and the feeling of hemp is good.
  There is no lung disease, but coughing and coughing. Too many people regard it as an ominous sign.

In fact, coughing is a protective response after suffering from respiratory diseases. The purpose is to remove the sputum from the trachea and bronchi in time, and the armor recovers soon.
Therefore, it is a good idea to use cough as a way to “clean up” your lungs for your own health.

  The mystery lies in the increasing air pollution, the increasing amount of harmful substances in the air, and the accumulation of harmful substances inhaled into the lungs, which can cause illness. This is why modern people are more and more susceptible to chronic bronchitis, pneumonia and even

Therefore, active cough (ie, no disease and cough), the timely removal of dirt out of the body, is a great way to protect the lungs.

  The method is: every morning and evening, choose an air fresh place to take a deep breath at the top, slowly raise the protrusion when inhaling, suddenly cough, and quickly drop the attachment, the compressed air is ejected from the nose and mouth, coughing out the sputum,Repeat this 10 times, do a normal breath every interval to prevent excessive ventilation.

As long as it persists, you can enjoy it.

  Inconvenient to use the toilet is the important way for the human body to excrete waste and purify the internal environment.

The reason why constipation is harmful is that the toxins in the feces stay in the intestines for too long, and they are easily poisoned by re-uptake of blood. Therefore, the famous health-care family in the Han Dynasty confessed to the people: “To be long-lived, the intestines are always clear;Innocent.

“How can we achieve “normally clear” or “innocent” in the intestines?

The key is to develop the habit of regularly going to the toilet every day. Even if it is not convenient, you should take a trip to form a conditioned reflex.

A little more convenient, Japanese doctors recommend that it is best to discharge once a hour (with or without bladder filling) to reduce the harmful effects of urinary toxic substances on the bladder and prevent bladder cancer.

  The health value of having more joys and laughter is getting more and more attention and advocacy from experts. Some people compare laughter to “a good exercise method that is still in place,” and it has obvious functions on the heart, liver, lung, kidney and other organs.Promotional role.

Laughter can also increase the activity of “natural killer cells” in the body, and “natural killer cells” is the “killer” of cancer cells, so it is one of the effective means of anti-cancer and anti-cancer.

It is here that Japanese scholars recommend “Trying to laugh every day” as one of the “three longevity secrets” (others are called normal sex life and 30 minutes walking and strolling).

  However, modern society is not a “paradise”. How many happy events have caused “the man laughs 14 times a day?”
17 times, a woman laughs 13 times a day?
16 times” (the appointment of Dr. Pocas in Yugoslavia)?

The author tells you a trick and takes the initiative to seek fun.

The measures are: more people with a sense of humor, more comedy, comics, essays, more jokes, more comics, to get enough jokes, so that you smile.

  If you don’t have any discomfort, you should go to the hospital where too many people will simply go to the hospital, and take less or not to be lucky.

In fact, the hospital also has the function of predicting diseases, specifically to do physical examination.

The elderly have reached the high incidence of the disease, so it is a good thing and not ominous to go to the hospital regularly.

  So, should the elderly focus on some projects?


Weight: The body is too obese to increase the burden on the heart, easily lead to cardiovascular disease, excessive weight loss and reduced resistance, immune function decline and other diseases.


Measuring blood pressure: high or low blood pressure should cause awareness.


Pediatric examination: kidney disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, etc. can be found in time.


Electrocardiogram: myocardial infarction changes and arrhythmia in coronary heart disease can be found in time.


Look at the fundus: the fundus artery can reflect the degree of cerebral arteriosclerosis.

Early detection of senile cataract, primary glaucoma, etc. through fundus examination.


Skin X-ray: Early detection of lung diseases, such as chronic bronchitis, emphysema, lung cancer, etc., smokers should be checked regularly.


Alpha-fetoprotein determination: liver cancer can be detected early, and patients with chronic liver disease should be examined.


Fecal occult blood test: early detection of digestive tract diseases and cancer.

Anal finger test: promote the discovery of rectal cancer, men’s prostate cancer, prostate hypertrophy embolism.