[Female desire is not strong enough to hurt black hair]_Woman

[Female desire is not strong enough to hurt black hair]_Woman

The harmonious and happy marriage life of a couple is indispensable for the existence of sexual life. Therefore, sexual indifference affects both their own health and the relationship between husband and wife. If women do not get sexual gratification for a long time, they will be harmed slightly at night, and even severely induce breast cancer.

1, female coldness makes breast cancer pain when women enter sexual excitement, breast congestion increases, reaching orgasm, breasts increase by 1/4 than usual.

After sexual gratification is obtained, breast congestion, swelling, and resolution of complications can help promote blood circulation inside the breast.

Sexual apathy inhibits the long-term objective existence of sexual desire, can not obtain sexual satisfaction, so that the congestion and swelling of the breast is not easy to subside or incomplete, and persistent swelling makes the breast pain and discomfort.