“well,very good,”The smile on Chen Geng’s face is getting thicker:“What if I buy another piece of land similar to this health center from Mr. Millhouse,what do you think?”

“What do you mean,I bought it from Mr. Millhouse4.5Acres of land?”Make sure you heard it right,Ryan finally confirmed to Chen Geng cautiously。
“amount……This one,I can’t tell,”Thought very seriously,Ryan smiled bitterly and shook his head:“Mr,I dare not hide from you,I am not familiar with the situation of agricultural land,and so……Ok,I am very sorry……But i think,About tens of thousands of dollars is enough。”
“So……”Chen Geng nodded。
See if my boss has no questions to ask,Mirren gave the money to Ryan,Said:“Mr,Please inform Mr. Millhouse。”
According to Chen Geng,Is going back to talk,But after receiving a call from Ryan,After confirming that Chen Geng and others are in their nursing center,This Mr. Millhouse insisted that Chen Geng and others wait in the nursing center for a while,Said he will be there soon。
Take this opportunity,Mirren asked Chen Geng in a low voice:“Mr,I am not questioning your decision,but……Why do you have to buy this piece of land?”
Chen Geng did not answer directly,But think about it,Asked Mirren:“How much money do you have now?”
“Tens of thousands of dollars,how?”
“If you believe me,Just buy all the money into land,Right here,”Chen Geng whispered:“I can change the use of this land for you,I promise,This will be the best chance of making a fortune in your life。”
Mirren froze for a while,She never doubted the earning power of her boss,Asked in a low voice with a trembling voice:“Mr,what do you mean……This land will become very valuable?”
More than valuable,Don’t look at what the price of land in Silicon Valley has risen 30 years later?!A software development engineer with an annual salary of $500,000,Only dare to rent a second apartment of dozens of square meters,Google、Facebook or even Apple……Why did the emerging Internet giants spend their own money to build houses for their employees after a few years?It’s not that they think about their employees,But the rent in Silicon Valley is too expensive,Although his employees have high salaries,But can’t even rent a house,I can’t help being held back,Can only go this way。
Don’t even have to wait thirty years later,At most15year,The price of land in the entire Silicon Valley area will soar to a price that is unimaginable.,It can be said,Now is the best chance to enter Silicon Valley。