Chen Geng did not expect Tang·Elitridge actually hit his mind。
But Chen Geng also admitted that Tang·Elitridge makes sense,In this age when no one has ever made a portable computer,Everyone’s eyes are black,No one knows how to design the overall shape of a portable computer,In this case……
“Also good,”Ponder a little,Chen Geng happily agreed:“I will be responsible for the shape and appearance。”
Tang·Elitridge overjoyed!
He didn’t expect his boss actually agreed to be so happy,Like he said,Research the company’s strength with data,He doesn’t worry about engineering realization and software,The only thing to worry about is the shape and design of the product,but now,sincebossWilling to shoot,Then there is nothing to worry about。
“that……boss,What is the name of our project?”Tang·Elliottridge asked。
Chen Geng held back his laugh:“Well……Since our desktop is calledthinkcenter,That portable computer is called……ThinkPadAll right。”
“ThinkPad?Good name!”
Think notebook?Tang·Elitridge nodded immediately,feelbossThe name given to a portable computer cannot be more vivid,The only problem is,bossWhy is his smile so weird?
in1985America of the Year,1000The $10,000 propaganda budget is crazy,TV station、Radio station、newspaper、magazine、street……For a time,No matter where the people go,Always hear、see、Feel the new generation of microcomputer operating system from data research companyWindows 2.0News that will be officially listed in a month。
at the same time,compared toWindows 1.0,Windows 2.0The innovation and optimization of the technology also make the whole technology community talk about it:
Better system stability;
More intuitive and precise graphical operation performance;
More language support;
Also compatible16Bit operating system and32Bit operating system;
The first support in history80386This32BitX86Operating system of architecture chip;
Optimized network performance and built-inOutlookEmail function……