It’s just that he didn’t go to Myanmar,Because he found that there might be something wrong with the way he gets along with his kids,At least now he still doesn’t know how to face it,As for agreeing to Liu Xing,Qin Feng remembers,But I don’t seem to be too sure。Unless he can return to heyday,Only then can he be sure to take Liu Xing to Europe to find the royal family and have a conversation with their people。

But now is not the time,So Qin Feng didn’t return to Myanmar,But went to Kunlun halfway around。
He still remembers that the members of the pharmacist said that they would go down the mountain to help,But Qin Feng never waited for their news。
It’s not that Qin Feng is going back to trouble them。
It’s just because it’s good for him to cultivate in the medicine house,At least cultivate in this environment,Plus the unique traditional Chinese medicine treatment of the ancients,This will speed up his recovery。
Yes,Qin Feng wanted to go to the ancients to cultivate and rejuvenate,Stayed in the city some time ago,Due to multiple battles,So that he
Not only did not recover,On the contrary。
For this reason, he can only make up his mind to carry out an unreasonable cultivation,Until the recovery。
Three months later,Qin Feng got up from the top lazily。After three months of organization,At this time Qin Feng’s right hand has removed the bandage and recovered。But the left hand is still bandaged,But it has been restored**Finished。I must rest up to another month,Your body will be able to return to its heyday again。
the most important is,Qin Feng’s three months of rest in the ancient clan’s place not only recovered from his injuries,Even the mood has changed a lot。At least he felt that he must have been promoted to a small class,It’s no longer the point where it was said to have just reached the heavenly level.。
But Qin Feng just stood up,I felt something bad。
Because after he walked out of the room,I saw two elderly people from the nursing home rushing out and facing him。
These two are both god-level powerhouses,But Qin Feng couldn’t understand why they were here at this time。It’s just obvious that they didn’t come for themselves。Otherwise, I won’t face Qin Feng。
“Yao Wuwei Taishang Elder,this is.?”Qin Feng couldn’t help asking。
The old people who were supposed to fight against the world ran out,That’s not easy?
Only Yao Wuwei and the other old man ignored Qin Feng,Still standing in the corridor and staring ahead。
This is a shadow coming in over the wall。
Although the ancient buildings are not very tall,It’s only a wall of two or three meters,But for a high-level player, at most, it is a waste of some physical energy that can climb up and climb in.。
It’s just surprising,After this shadow came in,The guards on patrol didn’t seem to be able to spot this。