[What foods promote wound healing]_Recommended diet

[What foods promote wound healing]_Recommended diet

Some people will undergo surgery because of disease. In addition to preventing infection, in addition to preventing infection, pay attention to adequate rest. The wound must not be wet. Good diet and nutrition can also heal wounds, so it promotes wound healing.What’s in the food?

Let’s take a look at this.

There are many foods that can promote wound healing.

The trotters are rich in collagen and contain zinc, which can promote the speed of wound healing. Therefore, when a wound appears, you can properly eat some trotters to strengthen the conditioning of the wound.

Sea bass has a very high nutritional value and is rich in traces and vitamins.

In addition, there are relatively easy-to-digest proteins, which have a good effect on spleen and stomach, liver and kidney, and also have a good health care effect on wound healing.

The nutritional value of pigeon meat is very high. It can play a good role in regulating the human body’s immunity and promoting appetite. In addition, it also has a good health preventive effect on promoting wound healing. Eating some can promote blood clotting.Features.

Kelp has a high nutritional value. It contains more protein and protein, and contains carotene, riboflavin and other nutrients. It also plays a significant role in promoting wound healing. In addition, fungus, bitter gourd, tomatoes, honey, Black beans and other foods also have a good role in promoting wound recovery.

More than simply understanding what foods promote wound healing, in order to better promote wound healing, in addition to preventing infections, we must strengthen diet and nutrition to increase the level of immunity and promote rapid recovery of wounds.