[Can yellow peach and yogurt be eaten together]_How to eat_How to eat

[Can yellow peach and yogurt be eaten together]_How to eat_How to eat

Yellow peach is a special kind of peach. It is different from ordinary peaches, has a larger volume, and has a better taste. It is suitable for deep processing and makes various delicious by-products.

The taste of yellow peach is relatively good, and its sweetness is several times that of other peaches. Therefore, you must pay attention to the amount when you eat it. There are other questions, for example, can yellow peach and yogurt be eaten together?

Let ‘s take a look at the explanation below.

After eating yellow peach, it is best to separate every 20?
Drink yogurt in 30 minutes.

In fact, if you are not allergic to yellow peach and yogurt, it is OK to eat with the right amount.

However, people with a bad stomach are advised to take intervals.

Yellow peach is rich in cellulose, which can promote digestion and laxative effect.

Yogurt is generally cold and has a laxative effect. If a person with a bad stomach has eaten yellow peaches and immediately drinks yogurt, it is easy to diarrhea.

Therefore, after eating yellow peach, it is recommended to drink yogurt after 20 minutes. People with bad stomach can drink yogurt after 35 minutes.

Some people will not have any adverse reactions with yellow peach and yogurt, but some people will have a tight reaction after eating yellow peach and drinking yogurt. This may be due to weak gastrointestinal function. Indigestion after eating yellow peach and yogurt togetherAnd caused the symptoms of physical discomfort, you can drink warm water to sit or lie down to rest and observe whether the symptoms have eased.

Ingredients for yellow peach yogurt: 3 yellow peaches, proper amount of yogurt: 1. Prepare three yellow peaches, wash them with water and set aside.

If you buy medicine on the street, you can soak it in salt water for half an hour.

2. Peel and core the washed peaches, we only need to leave the yellow peach flesh.

3, cut the yellow peach meat into small pieces with a knife, but in order to enjoy eating, it is recommended not to cut too small.

4, prepared bowl, yogurt, a small amount of rock sugar.

Choose your favorite yogurt and pure milk.

5. Pour all the ingredients together into a bowl and stir well until appropriate.

6, you can put the prepared yogurt yellow peaches in the refrigerator to freeze a little bit, only to enjoy it in hot summer.