[How long does it take to have sex?]_When and how long

[How long does it take to have sex?]_When and how long

Both men and women pay great attention to the time of sexual life, because continuous sexual intercourse can ensure the quality of sex. In fact, the true quality of sexual life does not pass time. As long as both parties are satisfied, it can be investigated.It is found that the time of a healthy male’s sexual life is generally about six minutes, except for a particularly good physical fitness. So how long does it take to have sex?

First, how long does it take to have sex?

  The average time for a healthy male to have sex at one time is 6 minutes. A sample survey of healthy couples by sexologists shows that 76% of men can ejaculate within 2 minutes, and 25% can take about 10 minutes; only a few people areOne-time delivery can last more than 30 minutes.

In fact, the length of one-off sex is not very important. What is important is that both parties can get sexual satisfaction, which is the perfect sex life.

Second, each year, the length of male sexual intercourse is related to mood, environment, age, physical fitness and sexual experience, the closeness of cooperation between the two parties, and so on. You cannot easily blame yourself for being “not strong” and worrying.Ejaculate quickly, you can prolong intercourse time after adjustment, you don’t have to worry about failure again.

Third, the normal adult Asian male has a sexual life of 2-5 minutes. It is recommended that you strengthen nutrition, exercise moderately, maintain a good attitude, ensure adequate sleep, and have a moderate sex life (appropriately 2-3 times a week).Habits need to be abstained, which can improve the quality of sexual life.

How long does it take to have sex?

Of course, from the perspective of sexual physiology, there is still a normal reference value for each sexual intercourse time.

Generally speaking, it is normal for a man to have sexual intercourse lasting for more than 2 minutes, twitching for more than 15 times, or a woman having an orgasm at a 50% chance of sexual intercourse.

It is normal for you to say that you can reach 3 or 4 minutes in the letter. If the woman’s acceptable alternative, you should strengthen the cooperation of both parties.