[Family puff pastry practices and recipes]_ making Daquan _ making method

[Family puff pastry practices and recipes]_ making Daquan _ making method

Making puff pastry at home is relatively simple, after all, the materials are limited.

There are many ways to make puff pastry, and you can mix your own ingredients.

The baking is very important, the quality of the dough directly affects the substitution.

Make the dough as soft as possible. If it is too hard, the taste will be worse.

Generally pastry is oily and not greasy, although it is crispy but not rotten.

Don’t make the fire too big, otherwise you won’t be able to feel that way, everyone will make different pastries.

Practical ingredients are 400g of flour, 60g of soybean oil, and 3g of yeast.

step 1.

Add water and yeast and flour into dough and proof.


Heat the oil and pour in the flour to make a pastry.


Wake up the dough and roll it into pie.


Spread the puff pastry on the dough.


Roll into rolls.


Cut into rolls.


Grease the surface of the noodle roll and fold it inwards.


Roll the small noodles into a dough and brush with oil on both sides of the dough.

Roll the small noodles into a dough, and brush oil 9 on both sides of the dough.

Preheat the oven and bake in the middle layer for about 15-20 minutes.

Method two: 300g gluten flour, 150g low flour, 150g lard, appropriate amount of salt, appropriate amount of pepper powder, appropriate amount of sugar, and appropriate amount of sesame.

Method 1: Diced fat, low heat in a wok, oil refining, more and more oil 2, a bowl of pig oil, cool, weigh and set aside 3, a tablespoon of yeast is mixed with warm water into yeast water 4, medium powder+ Lard + yeast water + a little sugar, mix, knead into dough, ferment to 2 times the size 5 after half an hour, pour the lard into the low powder, stir into puff pastry 6, all ready, start making!

After fermentation, knead the dough into strips and cut into uniform sizes.

7, roll into a coaxial, smear with pastry, evenly sprinkle salt and pepper powder, roll up, and seal up.

8. Stand up, seal the mouth, roll it out, roll it up, roll it up (you can repeat the above steps once), roll it into a square cake.

9. Prepare them in order, set the plate, brush with sugar water, sprinkle sesame seeds 10, put in the oven, preheat at 200 degrees, and bake for 10 minutes.

11. After drumming up, 240 degrees, about 3 minutes, after 15 minutes, pan out, fresh out of the oven.

Practice three flours of 300g and blend the right amount of oil.

Practice 1.

Pour flour and water into a pot and stir.


Stir in this way and set aside.

Apply a layer of oil to the electric baking pan and preheat for 5 minutes.

Take out the dough and knead hard.


Knead into a large dough.


Drag a small noodle in your hand and continue rubbing.


It is not very thick and it is not too thin.


Put the cake on the electric baking pan, apply some oil and click the thick cake button to start working.


About 6 minutes, after the electric baking pan reminded to open, turn the cake in turn and continue to bake.


This is done, both sides are buffed.


Spoon into a pan.