Here,Yu Shan and Wen Yunyun found Wen Ziheng who was in class,After hearing my mother say these things,Wen Ziheng is so angry that he wants to go back to find warmth and settle accounts!

“mom!That man treats you this way,Why are you still helping him speak?”
Yu Shan didn’t actually speak for Wen Guohao,She is worried that she is annoying Wen Guohao,Wen Ziheng cannot accept the Wen Group!
That won’t work,The Wen Group can only belong to her son in the end,Don’t even think about getting involved。
Wen Ziheng didn’t think so much,In his opinion,Wen Guohao dared to kick his mother out, it must be the ghost of warm and warm,Otherwise, rely on Wen Guohao,How could you have the guts?
“mom!go,Let’s go back and see what’s going on!”
quickly,The three returned to Wen’s house again,The nanny on one side saw three people,Dare not stop。
After all, just warm and warm have already left,Master didn’t order,The nanny didn’t see it。
Wen Guohao was played with warmth,In anger,I saw my son rushing in,Yu Shan and Wen Yunyun followed,I knew what was wrong right away。
“dad!Where’s that bitch?Dare to threaten my mother!So tired and crooked!”Wen Ziheng originally looked down on warmth,Just usually at school,Then ignored。
I didn’t expect to hear Yu Shan on the road just now,She actually got a big money,The man who robbed sister!
Hear words,Wen Guohao glanced at him,I don’t like it,But how can I still be my own son,Can’t turn his face。
“left already!”
Seeing Wen Guohao’s sad face,Yu Shan is so smart,How can I not know that he must have failed to achieve his goal?