“what do you want to say in the end?”The female ninja is totally unpredictable Qin Feng,Past tasks are difficult or simple,No female ninja has ever met someone like Qin Feng。

She is not afraid of death,Because she knows,She is a ninja,Every day’s task is to kill different people,And she had already prepared,She can kill,Sooner or later she will be killed too。
So death for them,It’s normal,I see the most dead people every day,They are no strangers to death。
but,Like Qin Feng who won’t let you die,She saw it for the first time,That’s why female ninjas have a sense of fear that is more terrifying than death。
“Actually nothing,I just want to make you hot,If i guess right,Your master probably doesn’t know who you really are?”Speaking of Qin Feng staring at the female ninja more presumptuously。
“how do you know?”The female ninja asked with a guilty conscience,Because she doesn’t know,Why does Qin Feng know so much,In that world,Her real looks,Only she knows。
to be exact,For so many years, I have used that ugly mask to show people,Even she herself has forgotten her own face。
Until today, it was exposed by Qin Feng,She will have that unbelievable sense of oppression,She felt that the person in front of her,As if you can see through yourself,I am like a transparent person in front of him。
Play dead from him,Lead yourself out,To expose one’s own mask,I can’t take poison again,To this series of psychological warfare,He has the upper hand。
“I was right,Then easy,Wait until I’m done harming you,I’ll put on you underwear,I’ll hang you on the square on Central Street。”Qin Feng made a cowering expression while talking。
“you……”Fear in the eyes of a female ninja,More obvious,This has become even more reason for Qin Feng to continue talking,If the female ninja acted calmly,Maybe Qin Feng would not threaten her with this。
“Whether it’s on Weibo,There will still be your shadow on major websites,I believe your master will see it too,Do not worry,I will explain below,Won’t let your master not recognize you。”Qin Feng laughed as he spoke
do not know why,After knowing that she is not film,Qin Feng not only didn’t want to kill her,There is also an urge to keep her by her side,I don’t know if it’s for revenge or for what,But seeing her like this,Qin Feng has a special sense of satisfaction。
“Of course,I still know some of your rules as a ninja,Don’t worry if you answer me well,I promise today,I won’t speak out,So you don’t have to worry that your master will know this。”
Qin Feng naturally knew,Death at this time may not be scary for her,But there is something more terrifying than death is the famous festival。
It was Qin Feng who saw this that he would continue to instill this fear in her,Of course,It’s not that Qin Feng has never seen that some ninjas will succumb to absolute strength.,But the girl in front of me obviously doesn’t,So Qin Feng can only find another way。
“Don’t look at me with that look,Don’t even think I will pity and cherish jade,Tell you the truth,You look a bit similar to my comrade-in-arms,But you are not her after all,So i won’t stay with you。”